Nomas Luxury Goods is a brand specialised in leather goods.

They are exclusively designed and crafted in Greece with high-quality leathers and raw materials. All of our products are handmade from specialised artisans and always by combing the Art of Craftsmanship with Innovation and new technologies.

Nomas Luxury goods philosophy stands by the change of the consuming habits of fast-buying.
At the core of our values is the buy less and resilient products.
We respect the environment and we design and propose goods that are timeless and can forever last.
Leather as a raw material has the ability to last in time and adopt marks that manifest our personal use and life.

Our brand is inspired by the love for functionality and usage and we make sure that all our bags and leather goods are meeting the needs and rhythms of our demanding daily life. Nomas luxury goods combines trend-less and classic designs with contemporary and eclectic aesthetic and delivers unique and timeless products.

Behind the Name
NOMAS is a wanderer, someone who loves moving around, travel and ramble.
NOMAS is someone who divines, claims and aspires with passion and determination.

Nomas Luxury Goods is founded and designed by Vicky Dimkou for all leather lovers!